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It is an absolute pleasure when we can share feedback received from our clients. Majority of our personal training business comes from referrals. It also shows clients are happy with our service & willing to recommend to others.

Words From : Sue Woodruff


When the previous gym failed, I searched for another that was local to either my work or my home. I knew I needed exercise to assist with the ongoing management of the busy and stressful job I had. I was looking for flexibility, some supervision and encouragement. The gym had to be open early in the morning so I could exercise before going to work. I was always too late and tired at the other end of the day.


I met Robert when I was walking the dog and looking for a suitable local gym. I had never considered a personal trainer but now I don’t think I would consider anything else. Robert is quietly encouraging, building up my strength and fitness level and slowly changing my shape.


I believe that with Robert I have achieved more than I originally thought I could. While my silhouette needs more work, I am pleased with the improvement to my balance, fitness and strength. I think, left to my own devises in a gym, I would have stopped going some time ago or else strained something which would have the same result.


The small gym where Robert works has been redeveloped resulting in a temporary move to another property. During the move Robert has remained positive calm and focused. When you think exercise keeps you young, it is important to continue moving and improving. Robert makes the sessions interesting and varied. I never feel as if I cannot do anything requested of my body. I have trust in Robert to look after me.
I have had no hesitation in recommending Robert’s services to others and to members of my family. My husband now goes to the gym with me since his major surgery. After the surgery he could not get up from a chair, could not walk and was quite weak. The difference in 3 weeks in incredible, not only is he more flexible and strength is returning to his legs, it is the improvement in his mind that is remarkable. In fact he wants to go to the gym.

Words From : Linda Shelton

Armed with a half knee replacement, a troublesome disk in my back and a low level of fitness, I approached Rob for some help for both my fitness and pain issues.

Although none of these issues has been totally resolved, I feel much fitter and less at the mercy of my ailing body. Rob has a great understanding of how the body works and prepares a fitness regime accordingly.

If you’re looking for guidance for an holistic lifestyle, Rob is your guy



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